About Your Slate Roof
  • How do I know if my slate roof needs attention?
  • If the slate tiles on my roof are starting to slip do I need to replace my slate roof?
  • How long will my slate roof last after slate roof tiles begin to slip before I need to replace it with a new slate roof?
  • How long does it take before slate tiles begin to slip and a slate roof wears out?
  • What is the difference between Ranger Roofing and other slate roofing companies?
  • Does Ranger Roofing provide any kind of guarantee?
  • How do I go about getting a free quote from Ranger Roofing?
  • How do I go about paying Ranger Roofing once my roof has been fixed?
The first thing to look for are slate tiles slipping out. This indicates that the nails holding the slate tiles are beginning to deteriorate and that your roof needs a slate repair/maintenance attention.
Just because you notice slipped slate roof tiles on your roof does not mean you slate roof needs replacing. It can be the case that a good slate repair will keep your slate roof in good condition for many years to come.
A good repair can keep your slate roof impervious to the elements for many years to come. It is the case though that when slate tiles begin slipping you are into the ‘maintenance’ phase of the life of your slate roof. This means that slate roof repairs specifically targeting refixing of slipped slate tiles will become a more and more frequent requirement. It is a good idea to get your roof checked every few years to keep things in tip top shape. The good news is that keeping up with this kind of maintenance can keep your roof in good condition for years if not decades to come.
A properly laid slate tile roof can last well over one hundred years if done correctly. At Ranger Roofing we only use copper clouts in the fixing of slate tiles to your roof whether it be a repair or a complete reroof.

Unfortunately other types of nails such as galvanized clouts are used instead which drastically reduce the lifetime of a slate tile roof. If a slate tile roof is subject to the normal wear and tear of the elements and has been fixed using copper clouts it is possible that slate slippage will not commonly occur for the duration of the life of the roof. However, if for example galvanized clouts have been used, slate tile slippage may well begin to occur much earlier, maybe somewhere as early as sixty years or so into the life of the roof.
Slate Roof Tile Repair
At Ranger Roofing, we work with attention to detail and do our utmost to provide work which ensures as long term a solution to any roofing issue as possible. Our staff pride themselves in having a high level of responsibility and care when it comes to customer service and satisfaction. In fact a large amount of our work comes from good word of mouth derived from happy customers. Whether it’s a small repair, regular maintenance or a complete reroof that is required, Ranger Roofing will get it done promptly, efficiently and in a friendly and professional manner. We are Sydney's slate roof and reroofing specialists.
Yes, it is standard practice at Ranger Roofing to guarantee our work. Each written quote also provides details of the guarantees relevant to each specific service.
Simply call us on the number at the bottom right of the screen or if you prefer, email us your details and we will contact you. We will then work out a mutually satisfactory time to look at your roof and go over what work needs to be done. A free written quote will then be promptly sent out and if you are happy with the proposal, a time to go ahead with our services will be arranged.
All payments for work rendered by Ranger Roofing become due once work has been completed. Payment can be made by cash, cheque, direct bank deposit or via internet banking.