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At Ranger Roofing we not only provide all your slating needs but also the following services throughout Sydney.

Guttering and Downpipes


Wood Shingles

Chimney Restoration

Parapet Wall Restoration

Other Roof type abutments joining onto Slate Roofs

Ranger Roofing is well versed in the replacement of various differing types of peripheral flashings where your slate roof meets other types of roof. The most typical example of this is where the main and original roof is a slate roof adjoining onto a back metal skillion roof. Between these two roofs is a type of flashing called a ‘change of pitch’ flashing which can only be installed by someone proficient in the removal and installation of slate roof tiles.

Skylights and Roof Ventilators

Installing skylights into slate roofs as well as ventilators such as ‘whirly birds’ can make a big difference to the quality of life in your home. They can brighten up dull rooms where light is scarce and assist with keeping house temperatures more moderate respectively. In fact installation of roof ventilators are a great way to not only help keep temperatures down in Sydney's summer months but also reduce moisture build up caused by internal heaters and such in your home in the colder parts of the year, thus reducing the possibility of mould spores developing on your ceilings.