Slate Roof Repairs In Sydney

The Basics of Slate Roofing Maintenance

Slate Tile Roofing is a time honoured trade and one requiring a very unique skill set. It is highly recommended that slate roofs never be walked on by any other than licensed professional slaters. Unless one intimately understands a slate roof, walking upon them can cause slate cracking and breakages leading to roof leaks.

If correctly maintained, slate tile roofs last far longer than any other roof, so much so that as long as they are correctly roofed initially and are not walked on by anyone other than a qualified slate tile roofer, they are also the most inexpensive roof one can purchase.

A further point in favour of the slate tile roof is that they also add value and prestige to any house due to their longevity and elegance.

Most broken slate tiles and leaks on a slate roof are not due to general wear and tear but are instead due to incorrect installation in the first place or people of other trade types or backgrounds walking upon it.

In short, to protect your slate roof and to ensure you get the best out of it, keep people from walking on it and make sure your slate tile roof installer is fully qualified and licensed. Keeping this in mind, please find below a few basic datums on slate roof tile maintenance.

Slate Roof Tile Repairs
Valley Repairs On A Slate Roof
Repointing of Slate Roof Ridge Capping